Do you want to automate newsletters, but don’t have enough content to create an updated data feed, each send? Now you can optimize older, infrequent, yet still relevant content with the Evergreen option for the Horizon Content Feed.

You can now set your “Content Selection” as “Fresh” or “Evergreen”.  A Fresh selection is the default for the Content Feed setup that is already familiar to you. This feed will pull in content from a designated period back in time, for example, the last 72 hours.

Our new Evergreen option is not limited to the same time parameters as the Fresh option. The Evergreen data feed can pull content back indefinitely so long as the feed does not reach the 2MB max. This option would be beneficial for those clients who may not publish content that frequently or only send newsletters once a month.

We have also released the option to “Ignore Expire Date” in the setup for both Fresh and Evergreen Content Feeds.  If you set a Sailthru Meta Tag for a piece of content to expire, you can ignore the expiration date if you still would like this content to appear in a particular content data feed.

These new options will make it even easier to create a Horizon Content Feed, with little work from your end on implementation. You’re welcome Developers!