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Our AI is down to Earth.

At Marigold Engage by Sailthru, AI and Machine Learning personalization capabilities are built on practicality. We use them to make your job easier. Think about it like driver assistance instead of a fully self-driving car: We keep you in the driver’s seat of your brand experience, but help you with what can be automated and what can only be discovered through data science.

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Artificial intelligence, real results.


Personalize for What They’ll Do Next

Stay a step ahead of your customers by utilizing our triggered predictive entries. This allows you to preemptively reach out to consumers right before they’re most likely to visit your site or make a purchase. It also allows you to recapture a customer’s attention when they start disengaging or to briefly pause correspondence before they opt-out completely.


The Right Time Is Personal

Timing is everything. Using our Personalized Send Time, you can reach out to each and every customer when they’re most likely to open up your messages. We look at the open and click histories of each list member, and dynamically deploy it at the optimal moment in your designated time window.


Grow Your Customer Base

We can help you acquire new customers by applying predictions based on users’ long-term behavioral data. These predictions paired with lookalike modeling help decrease customer acquisition costs, increase consumer reach, and raise the long-term value of new customers.



Make Everyone a VIP

Our technology can be used to nurture customers with specific content tailored to their interests or with specific products based on their interests, histories and likelihood to purchase. The options are limitless for ways to engage with personalization using Marigold Engage by Sailthru, without the heavy lifting from your team.



We Help You Read the Room

Mitigate and decrease churn with Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s opt-out and disengagement predictions. Rather than manually managing complex lists and segments, our predictions can automatically suppress communications before people opt-out from your brand messages, or automatically place them into a specific customer journey flow to retain them.

“Sailthru’s personalization algorithms and lifecycle optimization capabilities have really set them apart from other ESPs we have used. Because Sailthru has email, mobile and onsite solutions, we have been able to implement more personalized messaging across every channel."

Kelly Hickey, Senior Manager, Email Marketing & CRM at Raise

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