The introduction of our A/B auto send to winner feature a few months ago was just the start to a beautiful relationship with your marketing campaigns. Today we’re happy to announce the release of all-new metrics and better decision making tools for A/B auto send to make the automation and optimization of your campaigns way smarter.

Hello New Metrics

It’s not only about unique opens or clicks anymore. While important performance indicators (which will still be readily available to clients), we knew we had to offer more compelling metrics to determine your A/B test winner. Now your A/B auto send winner can be generated by:

  • Purchase conversion rate data (# of purchases made from the campaign)

  • Revenue data (total revenue from the campaign)

  • Pageview data (# of page views the campaign garnered)

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Automated Winners Through Accurate Samples

Armed with these new intelligent metrics, campaign test winners will now be automatically calculated using “Metric of your choice / Users sent to”. Previously we were  looking at the metric total (i.e. total number of clicks), but have updated the winner generator to account for the metric total relative to the test sample size. For example, this ensures your message which drove 300 customers to purchase out of 1,000 message recipients is granted the winner versus 50 purchases out of 1,300 message recipients.

All of us at Sailthru are geeking out about the power our A/B auto send to winner feature holds for marketers. Expect many more updates to come to help you become more data-driven and effective — no matter if you’re in commerce, publishing, subscription, or community businesses.

To learn more about A/B auto send to winner, please contact your Account Manager or get in touch with our Sales team.