With a client base rich with ecommerce and media companies, we knew we couldn’t bank on one-size-fits-all programming when planning our inaugural customer conference, Sailthru Lift. The experience needs to add real value and fuel our clients as they focus on omnichannel marketing, personalization and retention. We want them to go back to their offices not just with soundbites and tweets but also inspiration and what they need to plan for 2015. That’s why we’ve created personalized agendas, and a specialized ecommerce track to match the unique challenges our clients are facing to the unique solutions Sailthru provides.

Answering the Call For Ecommerce Solutions

What leading marketers now know is that 80% of their brand’s future revenue will come from just 20% of their existing customers. It’s a data point we are constantly discussing with our clients, and with good reason – it impacts every aspect of marketing. Customer retention and customer acquisition are inextricably linked; without retention, acquisition can never be optimized and for many, it’s a constant game of spend-acquire-churn-repeat. Here are some questions we aim to answer at Lift to prevent that age-old churn cycle:

  • What data do I need to be capturing about my customers?

  • Who are my most valuable customers, where did they come from, and how can I create similar value from other audiences?

  • Is our customer experience optimized for conversion across all channels?

  • Are we focused on building a customer-centric mindset?

  • How can we become more data-driven with limited resources?

  • How can we prevent cart abandonment and be successful at cart recovery?

  • What changes in my organization do I need to lead in order to fully utilize marketing technology, algorithms and data science?

  • How is omnichannel different than cross-channel and multichannel marketing?

  • What investments do I need to make to bring my omnichannel strategy to life?

Lift is about enabling marketers to consider their marketing strategy and customers through a new lens. With presentations, roundtables and other opportunities to hear from Sailthru technology, strategy and data experts, and contemporaries who are leading the way for both ecommerce and media, all Lift attendees will walk away with a true marketing playbook for the year ahead.

Stay tuned for what media marketers can expect at at Lift on October 28th and 29th!