With our annual digital insights summit, Lift 2015, just around the corner the Sailthru team is gearing up for two jam-packed days of learning and collaboration among the industry’s most innovative marketers starting Oct. 19th.

One of the biggest reasons for our excitement? This year, Lift includes keynote presentations from sought after marketing experts in an intimate setting that marketers usually need to pay thousands of dollars to see, among thousands of other people. We can’t wait to offer this exclusive access and insight to Lift attendees.

Before the event kicks off in a few days, here is the rundown on our 2015 keynote presentations. If you’re not attending Lift 2015, all keynotes will be available for viewing soon after the event!

Now Is The Time For Email Innovation

Presented by: Shar VanBoskirk, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
When: Oct. 20, 9:30am EDT

Digital disruption is wreaking havoc on existing business models, thrusting unexpected competitors into your markets, and pushing customer expectations to heights too precarious for most firms’ established marketing practices. In this environment, your relationships with your customers are your only competitive differentiator.  And email is still the most effective tool for building customer relationships.  In this presentation we will explore how you can do more with your email marketing answering specifically:

• What is the role of marketing in the future?

• How can you innovate using digital marketing tools?

• How can email support your marketing innovations?

Innovation: It All Begins with Data

Presented by: David Raab, Principal Analyst, Raab Associates and author of Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit
When: Oct. 20, 4:40pm EDT

When it comes to personalization, retention and profitability, data is the key that unlocks innovation and opens the door to better results. The reality is, we have a lot of data, and it’s not all good. If you truly want to transform and connect with your customers then you need to roll up your sleeves, get dirty and start digging through your data, comparing it with the data you want and being realistic about the data you can get. During this presentation, we’ll discuss how to start that process, what you can expect along the way and how to set yourself up for success in this modern marketing world.

The Digitization of Everything

Presented by: Brian Vellmure, a CRM thought leader, and Founder, Innovantage
When: Oct. 20, 5:10pm EDT

The merging of the physical and digital is just beginning. Glancing ahead, we will soon have a world where nanobots play an important role in fighting disease, where we collectively spend more time in virtual worlds and augmented reality plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. We’ll live in a world where wearables and embeddables become more a part of who we are rather than a separate accessory that we use as a separate device.

Will the implications of these changes be subtle or profound, and how long do we have to prepare for the coming changes? Join us as we explore how our world is being connected in unexpected ways, the shift from hierarchies to networks, and the impact that these changes will have on consumer behavior, organizational models, and marketing priorities.

Relevancy is the New Currency

Presented by: Neil Capel, Founder & Chairman, Marigold Engage by Sailthru
When: Oct. 20, 9:10am EDT

In today’s hyper competitive worlds of publishing and retail, more brands expect to compete on customer experience ahead of product than ever before. Brands who succeed in the long-term are the ones that deliver connected, cross-channel experiences that grow in relevance for every single individual consumer. Join Neil as he helps uncover how marketers can personalize content, cadence and channel interactions will boost customer retention rates, supercharge engagement and generate more revenue.

Join the conversation during Lift 2015 by tweeting on the #SailthruLift hashtag. See you in a few days!
Kristine Lowery, Content Marketing Manager, Marigold Engage by Sailthru