Modern day living hasn’t been kind to many marketers’ sleep schedules. But between new consumer behaviors, recent data privacy changes, and the stress of the holiday season, brands like Hatch know that sleep is more important than ever. Whether you’re writing the emails or simply the one on the receiving end of them.


In fact, the brand’s mission is to not rest until it’s customers do. Which is why, for any follower dreaming of a better night’s sleep, this recent Hatch email delivered an experience that opened millions of eyes — including ours.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep (and all the benefits of Hatch) — even on the go

With offices still closed all over the world and millions still working from anywhere, today’s adults are doing pretty much everything from their mobile devices. The modern consumer is moving faster than ever thanks to these mobile-driven engagements, and innovative marketers like the ones at Hatch are making a smart move by meeting customers where they already are: on their phones.


Now, Hatch followers and brand evangelists don’t have to be near their Restore device to enjoy the benefits of scientifically proven sleep tools. By optimizing its offering for on-the-go users and rewarding loyal customers and email recipients with a free trial to experience its next generation of sleep, Hatch’s one-click demo message is one that no subscriber can sleep on.

Personalized playlists proven to inspire healthier habits and better sleep

When it comes to delivering value through email. Hatch didn’t stop with a mobile product demo. To increase adoption of its on-the-go products and mobile-friendly tools, the brand took another step to deliver three personalized, scientifically proven playlists that made it easy for subscribers at every engagement level to enjoy the benefits of these preset experiences in the context of three everyday scenarios.


For anyone just waking up and searching their inbox for early morning inspiration, this preset morning affirmation playlist ensures every email delivers a healthy, positive, and empowering start to its subscriber’s day.


For anyone back in the office or braving safety protocols to make their usual commute, those few minutes behind the wheel can be precious moments. For anyone needing a new, mobile-friendly way to de-stress and step into serenity before getting back home, this message serves up a traffic-friendly toolset too.


The stress of meetings, Zoom calls, and home life can be tough for anyone to live with from one day to the next. Which is why this midday recharge playlist — complete with stress management techniques, deep breathing exercises, and more — is the perfect way to attract any overworked professional’s attention.

Don’t sleep on Hatch — or engagement-driven email personalization

Much like sleep, skimping on your subscribers’ inbox experience is a recipe for disaster that’s sure to ruin more than the morning mood. To keep your brand’s messaging sharp and your email list awake and actively engaged, give your followers the interactive emails they’ve been dreaming about.