A Look Back

Sailthru’s 2020 Year in Review

We're wrapping up a big year here at Sailthru—a year of significant investment into the platform, allowing you to scale more efficiently and access data more effectively. We’ve refined our personalization algorithms, introduced greater access to data and visualizations, and incorporated multi-team workflows to help you scale your business. Before we close the books on 2020 (and what a year it was), join us as we take a look back at some of our most exciting features, our favorite customer stories and our growth as your trusted marketing platform.

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Class-leading Personalization Tools

Personalization across every channel is the heart of good customer experience. This year, we invested in personalization capabilities across all our products to help you grow your customer base, make each customer a VIP and build even stronger connections.

  • This year, we’ve sent an average of


    emails each month.

Flexible Reporting &
Data Management

We've made significant upgrades to our data and reporting capabilities. Whether you're a marketer presenting to the CEO or a data scientist correlating marketing performance to downstream revenue, you can utilize the data however you need to.

Introducing Sailthru Connect, our new data export suite

Sailthru Connect makes it easy to stream your email event data, mobile event data, and customer profile data—including predictive and implicit interest data—into BI tools like Tableau and Looker (as well as your data warehouse) for custom, independent analysis. Built with marketing analysts and data scientists in mind, Marigold Engage by Sailthru Connect helps you dive deeper into the predictions, trends and results that move your business forward.

Visualize trends and quickly pivot with Email Summary reports

Combing through data and manually pulling reports is a time-consuming affair that can easily change an actionable insight into nice-to-know hindsight. The new Email Summary feature in Analytics makes it easy to immediately identify spikes in send performance during any date range. We also added advanced filtering by list, label, and LO flow so you can drill down to identify your most actionable metrics.

Scalable Multi-Team Workflows

So many of our customers have successfully grown and Marigold Engage by Sailthru, growing with you. This year, we’ve enhanced our cross-brand and vertical-based capabilities to help you and your teams collaborate better, and even give a more holistic view of reporting.

Saved Rows in Email Composer

We launched our drag-and-drop Email Composer to help you quickly build beautiful, crisp templates. Now, you can work faster and more efficiently by creating saved rows of content that can then be added to new campaigns—without having to copy the entire template.

More flexibility and control in Email Composer

Brand new tools have been added to Email Composer to make your campaigns more flexible and more collaborative. With customizable columns, click and drag to create custom-width structures, and new lockable text blocks, designers can create and save rows, limiting changes from marketers and editorial teams.

Single Sign-On

Say goodbye to managing multiple passwords. We updated our Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol to allow existing SSO services like Okta and GSuite to give access to Sailthru marketer accounts as well as our many integrations through Google, Salesforce, Tableau, and more.

“Switching to Sailthru allowed us access to automation and flexibility that just wasn’t possible before. As a rapidly growing business with lean teams, we’ve been able to save time, evolve our marketing programs, and drive results.”

Jenny Rothenberg, Director of Growth

Platform Stability and Reliability

In addition to adding features and functionality, we continuously focus on rock-solid stability in the Sailthru platform as we prepare for an unprecedented holiday season and beyond.

  • Cloud-hosted services

    Cloud-hosted services

    Day-to-day services that make Sailthru function have moved from colocation facilities to horizontally-scalable cloud hardware in multiple Amazon Web Services zones.

  • Prepare teams and procedures

    Prepare teams and procedures

    Simulations of varying sizes and causes allow our team to respond to real incidents using rehearsed playbooks and methods, which vastly improves time-to-resolution.

  • Industry-best guidance

    Industry-best guidance

    We’ve engaged the expertise of a third-party firm with experience in cloud migrations, working alongside our team to prepare our system’s most important service for a transition to horizontally scalable cloud infrastructure.