I love email marketers, as a lot of them are our clients! However, it amazes me how many people in the email industry just don’t understand email today. They worry about gmail priority inbox, and how to get users to mark their emails as important so that their marketing email is upgraded into it.

For one, the priority inbox is not a replacement inbox, it’s an enhancement. And it’s a great one at that. The reason email marketers worry about it is because they haven’t adapted their behavior to a world with priority inbox; they’re still sending the same emails to everyone.  And they’re still not relevant! When it comes to emailing your users there’s one simple question you need to ask. How would you like to be treated? Think about it: do you want the same email every day with no useful content? Do you want 6 emails in one day? Do you want a third party email from someone you never registered with, and with content that’s completely outside of your interest zone?

Treat your users with respect, give them quality content, engage them, email them what they want, when they want it, how they want it. And that’s how you get in the priority inbox…..