We want to keep you in the loop and get your feedback and suggestions as we continue to build the most effective marketing communications platform available. So, I’ll be touching base on a regular basis with our Product Manager, David  Studinski, to find out what’s hot in the lab. This week, David is looking for some feedback from our clients and announces a cool new feature for devs and designers! New Zephyr comment feature We just launched the Zephyr comment feature! This is our programming language’s version of hidden code, allowing programmers to leave notes in the source without end-users seeing it. What’s cool about this, is previously there was no way to leave comments in template code without it staying in the source of the email. (End users still couldn’t see it, unless they were going to “View source” in their email) But now, coders can leave notes to fellow staff and those notes will get stripped out of the code before it sends. This is great for leaving template tricks and tips without having to count against the character amount in the outbound email. What’s bubbling in the lab? Check out the questions Dave is asking about the new features/functionality we’re working on and give us your thoughts! User access privileges We’re working to refine our user privileges to give you even more control over the Sailthru suite.

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  Reporting We are upgrading our reporting tools to provide even greater insight into conversions, purchases and user behavior.

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