With Amazon continuing to grow market share in retail ecommerce — and now expanding to traditional retail storefronts — many retailers are working to hone their edge in order to compete.

But while Amazon has a lock on the operations and fulfillment side of the customer experience, there are gaps in the giant’s approach to personalization. By engaging your buyers in highly relevant, contextual experiences, you have the opportunity to retain your loyal customers and grow new customers into top spenders to continuously boost revenue.

Join us on Tuesday, June 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET where we will share the tactics you can deploy to beat Amazon at its own game in a webinar co-hosted with CPCStrategy, leaders in retail search and performance marketing.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss multiple approaches and use cases for product recommendations. While Amazon has made “those who bought that also bought this” recommendations famous, there are many ways a retailer can go beyond this wisdom-of-the-crowd approach to optimize revenue opportunities.

We’ll also cover personalization beyond recommendations, including the use of personalizing email send time, and use cases for cross-channel personalization beyond Amazon’s transactional-centric messaging.

Finally, we’ll bridge from acquisition to retention, where you’ll see how other retailers are using predictive analytics to improve new customer acquisition.

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